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The Arizona Wildcats travel to Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday to take on the sixth-ranked Ducks after beating the Oregon Ducks in the Pac-12 championship game last week. Ole Miss this Sunday is the Ducks "last home game and there's a good chance they'll be out for at least one more game before the end of the season. It's time for all of us to take a look at some of our elite in-state athletes and what they're planning for their final year of high school.

Oregon had the 10th-most appearances on GameDay and recorded a record 14-10 in its 24 appearances. Arizona has gone 1-1 against the Ducks, with a win over Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game last week. Oregon is the only team in college football history to be beaten by the AP, losing to Washington State, the 8th ranked team in school history, and only the second time in school history that a team has been ranked outside the top 25.

As documented above, the Wildcats, who were unranked, left victorious Oregon, which entered the rankings, and the Ducks entered the rankings. Arizona has beaten Oregon twice in the last three years, with Arizona in unranked position and Oregon in second place, both times with a win over Arizona State and last week against Oregon.

Oregon beat the second-seeded Ducks 31-24 in Eugene, but the Ducks lost a home game the following week when UCLA fans and Matt Knight shocked by rallying in the final minutes to end the fracas, ultimately upsetting Oregon 74-69.

The Ducks finished in the elite eight, losing to top-seeded Michigan State Spartans and second-seeded UCLA Bruins. The Ducks defeated the defending champion, the University of California, Los Angeles Rams, to secure their second consecutive NCAA tournament berth.

The Wildcats are enjoying their third week of the season and will be well rested heading into the challenge of Oregon. Saturday's game against Oregon will be the first time the Cats have faced a team this season. USC will return home to prepare for the Pac-12 competition next week, but the game has been postponed indefinitely because of an injury to USC head coach Steve Alford.

On the other hand, the Utes should be able to limit Oregon to leave Eugene with a win. Utah is a team the Ducks have yet to defeat in the Pac-12 tournament, but Ducks coach Dana Altman knows another victory over the top ten Ute could push his team to the right side of the bubble. The Ducks will need a whole team effort to knock off the Utes, especially after last week's loss to Arizona State.

Students walk across the Autzen Pedestrian Bridge and pass Willamette in front of the Pac-12 basketball stadium in Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday, March 5, 2017. The Utes will face another bubble team in the final game of their regular season against the Oregon Ducks on Sunday.

The Ducks started well, shooting 51 percent from the field in the first half and outscoring USC by 30 percent. Oregon improved to 8-0 this season and 6-1 in the Pac-12 by beating the Trojans, improving to 9-4 overall and 5-2 in the conference play. The Ducks weren't comfortable starting things, however, as the handlers didn't lead the Ducks to follow on their first three shots of the game. The Oregon Duck, on the back of Mighty Oregon, took to the field for the second time in as many days.

The third period had both the Trojans and Ducks going shot - for shot - as both found scoring opportunities to keep pace with Oregon throughout the frame asandgot to double figures. The Ducks stayed strong in the third quarter, leading by 10 threes and keeping USC at bay, and signs began to drop for Rogers and Co. too. USC found its three-point play and landed six, but the Ducks came up with seven three-pointers of their own as USC warmed up and had 48 percent ball possession. After a poor start, Oregon scored the first seven points of the night, USC stayed in it and found itself in a three-point game, six of which fell. In the second half, however, the Ducks stayed strong and held the upper hand, with USC shooting 48.0 percent from beyond the arc while Oregon finished with 44.5 percent.

Oregon is currently ranked third in the Pac-12 rankings, and the Ducks are ranked 6th in this latest poll. What is clear, however, is that Utah and Arizona are the two teams with the best three-point shooting and shooting. Arizona is 3-2 against teams ranked on or below sixth place, while Utah is 2-1 against the No.

Linebacker Colin Schooler will start Saturday against Oregon as one of the top three three-point shooters in the Pac-12. The Ducks defeated Arizona, the Cal Bears and USC to win the Pac-10 in 2007 and finished the regular season with a 23-7 record. Oregon has the longest home winning streak in college football history, having had six straight wins before canceling its season opener against Missouri. In 2007, USC defeated the Ducks, ending a 21-game home-and-away winning streak that brought Chip Kelly his first loss as head coach.

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