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It is not surprising that the state's second largest city, Eugene, has one of the most diverse and vibrant black communities in the United States. Long considered a college town and a refuge for counterculture, it is now home to some of Oregon's most influential black artists and activists. Oregon Black Pioneers are proud to announce the release of their new book Race for Change: The Story of Eugene.

From museums to Autzen Stadium, Eugene has plenty of attractions to help you pass the time. People love Eugene, too, and many find the small coastal town of Oregon has a great quality of life. The inhabitants of Eugen are proud of their relaxed attitude and carry birch sticks to the farmers market every day.

It can be grey and drizzly at times in Eugene, but the art is a bright spot downtown, so there's something to do on weekends.

The University of Oregon is home to the North-West Oriented Museum of the Pacific Northwest and the Eugene Art Museum. Both lend a certain cultural appeal to this gnarled city, and both contain a large collection of works by artists from around the world, as well as local and national artists.

You can also visit our list of the 7 best parks in the USA for more information on the best parks in Oregon. If you live in Huntsville, Texas, what great activities should college students in Eugene do?

If you are thinking about moving to Oregon, you might be interested in learning more about what it is like to live there. If you are moving to Oregon and planning to start a family by moving to Oregon with school-age children, it is important to check out the public schools in the area you are considering.

While Portland is the pop culture capital of Oregon, Ashland is a little higher up the list with an internationally renowned Shakespeare festival that takes place nine months a year. If you're ever interested in enjoying a night of classical entertainment, check out the Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Also try to take a look at the queer Eugene website, which contains plenty of links to news and upcoming events that you should have if you ever find yourself in Eugene, Oregon. For more information about the city's art and culture, visit the Eugene Public Library website.

Eugene is the starting point of the Nike Corporation and is called "Track Town" because the founder of Nike went to the University of Oregon and held several world class track events here. Bowerman also had a historic run as a college coach, coaching dozens of Olympic athletes and Americans, including the legendary Steve Prefontaine, most of whom took place before he co-founded Nike.

Later, Crafters Meetings began in Odyssey, and such courses are now common at universities such as the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon.

The city is not the only place in Oregon that attracts new residents, but it is one of the largest employers in the region, and Portland technology companies are setting up satellite companies that migrate from San Francisco firms to Portland, often driven by young talent studying at regional universities. There's a relaxed scene here - so if Portland is your cup of tea And if you want to move there, job seekers need to find opportunities. The University of Oregon offers are more geared toward students and locals.

It may not be surprising that Portland's culture is what makes it one of the state's most attractive cities for young people. Bend's outstanding culture was a major factor in its status as the fastest growing city in Oregon, and it is home to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

But there is no doubt that today's construction activity has brought to the fore the fundamental tension between people and profit in the city, while at the same time highlighting the need for a place to live and a market that is changing. Eugene, or as the locals like to call it, "Eugene, Oregon," is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the state, with a rich history of cultural diversity.

Eugene is also home to some of the region's best breweries, and downtown Eugene is filled with bottle shops, tapas and snarl-filling stations. Here are the best ways to experience the art, culture and history of Eugene, Oregon. I want students to get to know Eugene and forget about being involved in the culture of the community. This issue has implications for the United States, both in Oregon and Eugene.

Still, the city's history of political activism matters, and the often parodied hipster culture doesn't represent all of Oregon. But more than any other metropolitan region, Eugene is home to a leftist, tendentious lifestyle with a strong focus on art, music, art and culture.

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