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The end of the semester is here again and of course the summer school is coming, but Eugen's annual summer party to kick off the semester is officially taking place. It is difficult to sit indoors when it is sunny outside and summer is only weeks away. Autumn colours wrap themselves in the landscape, while people wrap themselves in raincoats and sweaters. But everyone will go out and celebrate, if only for a few hours or so, at least for a day.

The trees and shrubs along the highway and city blocks show gradients of color from deep purple to bright orange with a sharp tone. Dew - covered blades of grass support the fallen leaves of trees that have dried, browned and died early in the season, while other survivors cling tightly to branches. We say a pleasant farewell to the end of the wildflower season by noticing the fresh orange leaves on the surrounding trees. It is nice to be nice, but we have no choice but to stop and smell the flowers.

Here's an event you probably want to do, but let's face it, 10 / 10 would rather be covered in foam than sit in the library and work on a paper that's coming up next week. Of course, you can take a break from studying to go dancing, or you can take a half-time break instead. But here's the thing: you probably don't even want this event to take place because you're bored, of course.

The Wine Marketing and Tourism Conference is an industry conference for decision makers working in the wine and tourism industry. It offers ample opportunities for professional growth and development for wine, tourism and wine professionals from around the world.

LILA has its annual general meeting, which includes updates of the program and light refreshments, which takes place every third Thursday of the month at 1 pm.

In warm weather, the lush, well-tended campus grounds provide a picturesque setting for receptions and weddings. There is also an Iron Chef in a fully equipped kitchen and classrooms - inspired competitions, as well as a variety of courses and workshops. If you are planning a wedding, reception or even a casual dinner party for two, Eugene will meet your needs. And if a group is on your agenda, you can be sure that companies and residents of Eugene are happy to commit.

More than 42 km of paved paths, including scenic routes along the river, offer groups the opportunity to meet outside and play. The city also hosts a variety of parks and trails, such as the Eugene River Trail, and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to biking and swimming.

The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival attracts visitors every year and is a full-day event aimed at food and drink lovers from across the country as well as wine lovers. Ch2 offers a variety of events for convention attendees, such as a beer and wine tasting, food trucks and more. There is live music, live entertainment, a food truck festival, an art show and more, all in Eugene.

From April 23 to 25, 2021, head to Oregon State Fairgrounds for a day of shopping, food, music, entertainment, art and more. Stop by and discover a diverse collection of local shops and restaurants while shopping for everything from clothing, accessories, jewelry, home accessories, clothing and accessories. Albany will feature a wide range of food and beverage retailers, as well as a variety of artisans and artists.

If you're looking for festive family fun, visit the Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, known as Colonial Harvest Days. Celebrate all that fall has to offer with the 19th annual Bend Fall Festival, which offers free concerts and harvest markets.

In the town of Halfway Joseph, Forestry Road 39 offers breathtaking views. Flanked by ferns, eel trees, vines and maples, this amazing trail is ideal for autumn foliage and offers some of the best views in the state of Oregon as well as some great hiking trails. Try Todd Lake, where the herb season comes to an end and the once green bushes turn to gold.

Take a weekend out of it, go in and explore the well-maintained grounds or join us for a day of hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. Call for reservations and make sure you make it this weekend or before making your reservation.

For more fall ideas, see "Have a Fabulous Fall five ways" and "Five ways to have it all" in Eugene. With a map of the Eugene Ale Trail, you can sample Eugene's thriving craft beer scene and visit the many stations of the Eugene Ale Trail, which is run by groups of 10 - 14 people as part of the city's cycling community. In Eugene there are many opportunities to improve your skills, from hiking and cycling to hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities.

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