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Eugene, Oregon is located in the middle of Oregon, flanked by Oregon State University, the Oregon Museum of Natural History and the Eugene Convention Center. There are a number of other Eugene visitor highlights, including the Portland Performing Arts Center, Eugene's largest and most popular art museum, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. It's a cheap visit from popular Portland, but it has some things we like to experience on vacation.

There is plenty to do and see here, including Oregon State University and the Eugene Convention Center, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. The best hotels in Eugene, Oregon are an amazing offering, allowing you to explore the city on your own. Travelers have previously rated the EVEN Hotel as the fourth best hotel in Oregon on TripAdvisor (parent company of SmarterTravel). If you are someone who likes to exercise and eat healthily while travelling, then EVEN Hotels is the right place for you.

Located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, just blocks from the Eugene Convention Center, it features queen and king size beds and a full-service fitness center.

The famous hippie counterculture even had its own hotel, the Eugene Hotel, in the heart of the city. Just south of the Willamette River, Eugene, Oregon, which has earned the nickname "The Emerald City" and cares for its way to the Oregon State Capitol, is one block away. With its design - focused boutiques and more - Eugene's smallest inn has a picturesque atmosphere that reflects the cities themselves. The best green space in town, it is cordoned off but located south, just a few blocks from Eugene State Park, where one of Oregon's most popular hiking trails is located.

The inn offers a wide range of accommodation, from bed and breakfast to dinner and overnight stays, as well as a variety of dining options.

There is even a fitness centre for those who do not want to give up their workout programme. The fitness centres at Hotel Eugene also have a "Mirror Work" system if your room is not working and if you need a lift, it is available. There are even hotels that make a point of using the stairs for fitness, such as the Eugene Hotel & Spa.

Take the footbridge over the Willamette River to find additional parks and paths or stop at Eugene Public Market to eat and shop at the 5th St. Public Market. Shopping is possible in the Oakway Shopping Center, where you will find a wide selection of shops, restaurants and a number of restaurants and bars.

The brewhouse and tasting room, just around the corner from the hotel, serve sandwiches, salads and appetizers. Stay at the newly built Holiday Inn, conveniently located and offering excellent service. Sandwich and classic specialties are served in the renovated Eugene Train Station at the Eugene Coffee Shop and Cafe, as well as in a variety of restaurants and bars in the area.

The 14 rooms, named after the famous classical composer, offer a variety of amenities including a spa, a spa - such as a bathtub and a private pool. The rest of the hotel has a large lobby with a fully equipped bar and restaurant, as well as an indoor pool and spa. It is a short walk from the University of Oregon campus and adjoins Autzen Stadium and PK Park, where the Oregon Ducks play football and baseball at the University of Oregon. Each room is named after a famous classical composer and offers a unique view of one of Eugene's most famous landmarks, the Oregon State Capitol.

This memorable, localized design is the focal point of the hotel's 275 rooms, where almost every detail is connected to Eugene's history and surroundings.

The hotel is also full of quirky art from local thrift and antique shops. Entering the lobby of the Graduate Eugene, you are greeted by a check - a desk that displays a collection of 43 pairs of Nikes (picked up from a savings bank) and a host of quirky artworks, some of which can be found in local antique shops and thrift stores.

Each room is an ode to the person Eugene, with woodcut walls, birch wood - paneled headboards and windows - overlooking desks. The Flurspay tribute to blooming cherry trees and the college town of Eugene, Oregon, home to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. The well-designed bathroom with its own shower is also friendly and has a shower headboard and shower curtain.

In fact, the Oregon Coast is the most popular camping destination in the entire state of Oregon, and the hotel is just a short drive from the city of Eugene, Oregon. Half an hour from Eugene, a campsite is located by a beautiful lake and river overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Oregon State University.

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