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InterContinental Hotels Group is driving the opening of the EVENHotel Eugene (IHG Hotel) in Eugene, Oregon, as Dobbrijeviceven, the world's leading hotel company with more than 2,000 hotels and resorts, proudly announces. Travelers on TripAdvisor and SmarterTravel, our parent company, have rated the EVEN Hotel as the fourth best hotel in Eugene, and it is the third best hotel in the city.

Even hotels have opened eight, including four in the US and one each in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The brand has a further 12 properties in the pipeline, including three hotels in Europe, three in Asia, one in North America and two in Africa.

The Epelboim Development Group is also the developer of the EVEN Hotel at Miami Airport, which is scheduled to open in autumn 2018. The hotel is being built on the site of a former airport parking lot in Miami Beach, Florida, near Miami International Airport.

Hotel Eugene is located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, just outside the city center. It is the first hotel of its kind in Oregon and one of only a handful in North America. There are other Eugene visitor highlights, including the Eugene Performing Arts Center, Oregon Museum of Natural History and University of Oregon.

It is located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, just outside the city center, near the Eugene Performing Arts Center and the Oregon Museum of Natural History.

The EVEN Hotel Eugene is also home to the University of Oregon Ducks football and baseball team and is adjacent to Autzen Stadium and PK Park, where you can play football or baseball. The football team ducked into the hotel for its home game against the Oregon State University Ducks on Saturday, October 13, 2014.

Mount Pisgah Arboretum attracts visitors from all over the state, but also from Washington, D.C. D.C. Even Hotel Eugene is located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, just blocks from Autzen Stadium and PK Park. Minutes from downtown Eugene, this property is home to the University of Oregon Ducks football and baseball teams.

The EVEN Hotels Hotel features a full-service fitness center and a custom-made Woodway treadmill, which features two cardio machines, a cardio bar and a fitness bar. Barre3 in downtown Eugene helps to tone and strengthen the body while burning calories. The fitness centres at Hotel Eugene also have a mirror work-out system if your room does not. Keep Active, "combines yoga, pilates and ballet in an entertaining, intense and low-stress environment with a focus on fitness and wellness.

We are committed to providing our guests with the service, amenities and experience they expect from their EVEN hotel and we will certainly not disappoint you in this regard. University Inn & Suites Eugene is also known for comfort and convenience, but this Eugene, Oregon hotel is a real eye-catcher among the area's other hotels, offering the best beds and basic amenities. A joint venture between the University of Oregon and the Eugene Express Regina, this hotel offers air-conditioned accommodations, free Wi-Fi and complimentary breakfast, including breakfast and lunch, and a full-service fitness center.

For all your travel needs, we hope you will consider this place, a place you can trust with unmatched comfort, quality and affordability. Relaxing holidays at University Inn & Suites Eugene, just a stone's throw away, are available for a single or extended stay.

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Fitness enthusiasts travel often, and this often seems to be the focus of the hotel, but the place we stayed was intended for all types of travelers, including those who wanted to stay at one of the other attractions. We were able to plan our trip around dinner in Eugene (more on that below), although we had hoped to stay elsewhere, but stayed in the unique restaurants of the hotel.

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