List of priests accused of abuse has 7 linked to Cheverus

Published 01-16-2019

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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - A list of priests credibly accused of abuse released by the Jesuits includes seven priests linked to Cheverus High School in Maine.

Two priests on the list, William Cahill and James Talbot, have been accused of abuse occurring during their time at Cheverus. Stephen Dawber, Joseph Dooley, Eugene Orteneau, Richard Roos and James Walsh - other priests named on the list - also taught or administrated at the Portland high school.

All but 15 of the Roman Catholic priests on the list are dead, and all of the alleged abuse detailed on the list took place before 1997.

Of the Cheverus priests, only Talbot and Roos are still alive. Roos did not return a request for comment. Talbot was sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault last year.

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